The ARCHI-MUNDUS project has two types of partners:

  1. Associations
  2. Schools

The Associations bring experience and information from a broader geographical area and have an overview on the issues under discussion. Schools from their part are more introverted and approach these issues with a different scope and on a different background. This collaboration is considered as a very strong advantage of the project as it brings together two different, but certainly complementary, approaches of the same issue.

ARCHI-MUNDUS project links the most significant Associations of Schools of Architecture in Europe (EAAE), USA and Canada (ACSA) and Latin America (ARQUISUR, UDEFADAC and UDEFAL) as well as the National Architectural Accreditation Board (NAAB) the institution, which represents the official aspect of quality in USA. In Europe there is not a European body responsible for the academic accreditation of schools of architecture. This process is developed in national level by bodies, which do not have an essential communication and collaboration between them. All these Associations have a long experience on the issues related to the quality of architectural education as this is always in the centre of their debates, academic events and initiatives. The participation of these academic bodies is framed by a number of schools of Architecture from Europe and Latin America, former partners in the projects mentioned above, with significant geographical spread and different academic profiles. The reason that this project incorporates beyond the Associations also Schools of Architecture is that we want to investigate the issues of quality from the higher institutional and administrative level to the level of teaching and instructing the students in a school of architecture in different educational cultures and traditions.