(Re) – defining excellence in Architectural Education

3rd Workshop
Chania, Greece, August 28th to 31st, 2013
University of Thessaloniki – School of Architecture

The Archi-Mundus project direct an invitation to the international community of architectural education to work collectively and in that way contribute to the development of cultural quality in global architectural education. In order to reach this aim, a necessary step is the definition of what is quality in architectural education. During our first workshop last year, on February 2012 at Rio de Janeiro, we tried to identify the different conceptions of quality in architectural education, as arise from different educational environments where our partners work today. We also discussed what is conceived as quality in these environments. Which mechanisms of quality control are implemented. How the contemporary requirements are incorporated into the architectural curricula. How the concern for quality is expressed in the life of schools. We also discussed how the requirement of quality affects our teaching and how can we detect quality in the work of our students.

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