Aims & Objectives


The overall aim of ARCHI-MUNDUS project is to bring closer all partners and to enhance the links, information flow, communication, mutual understanding, in order to investigate together the question of quality in contemporary architectural education. The project will be developed under the guidance of the following aims:

  1. To bring partners closer to the way Schools of architecture adapt their curricula in the contemporary request for quality in Architectural education as it is expressed and defined in Europe (the under-construction European Higher Education Area), in USA and in Latin America.
  2. To collaborate on the further development and the implementation of competences and project-based architectural quality, as the appropriate learning environment for the internationally increasing demand for transparency, quality, communication and mobility.
  3. To collaborate exchange ideas and practices related to the development of pedagogical strategies, teaching practices and methods assuring the requested quality.
  4. To disseminate the results of this collaboration in the broader regions of the partners.
  5. To create the conditions for future mobility between the partners on the ground prepared by this project.
  6. To establish links, communication channels and partnership for further collaborations and future projects.


The specific objectives of the proposed project are:

  1. To develop collectively a quality culture in architectural education worldwide, which will be based upon broader agreements on values, priorities, principles and means, which will give the possibility to this quality to be implemented and assured.
  2. To investigate the impact of this quality culture on the structure and restructuring of architectural curricula in our schools of architecture.
  3. To investigate the impact of this culture to the teaching approaches, the pedagogies implemented and the educational strategies to be applied in order to assure the expected quality.
  4. To develop reference points which will define the excellence and the benchmarks for all the competences (as learning outcomes) of the contemporary profile of the architect.
  5. To elaborate and redefine the set of competences which will represent the qualified profile of the architect of our fast changing world.