1. Mapping
Partners will collect information and aspects from their broader educational environments (their school as well as other schools of their Country) about the way these institutions conceive the quality in Architectural education, which processes they implement in order to assure it, what is the institutional framework controling the quality, which are the pedagogical approaches to the quality assurance, how do they recognise the quality in the works of their students. This way we will have a mapping of the different concepts, processes and institutional environments related to the quality assurance in schools of architecture in a big part of the world.

2. Conferences/Workshops
In Quest for Quality in Architectural Education”,
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. March 2011

(Re)-defining excellence in Architectural Education: Reference Points of Learning Outcomes”,
Montevideo, Uruguay, 14-16 February 2013

Assuring Quality through the Quality of Teaching”,
Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, May 2013

Towards an Architectural Education Quality Culture”,
Location to be defined


3. Reference points for quality
Development of reference points for the competences structuring the profile of the contemporary architect. School partners will elaborate proposals from the definition of the reference points and benchmarks, which will describe the degree of achievement of the main competences of the contemporary graduate architect. Associations from their part will prepare to present the broader debate on this issues between their members and to provide information about their initiatives in the past related to the issue of quality.
st related to the issue of quality.

Rio desde Cristo Redentor, Brasil