The Erasmus Mundus ARCHI_MUNDUS project is based upon the experience and the insights gained by all partners during the development of the Erasmus Mundus programme “ENHSA Latin America: Creating Competences Based Architectural Curricula for Transparency, Quality and Mobility” (Agreement Number 142827-LLP-1-2008-1-GR-ERASMUS-ENW) attached to the LLP Thematic Network “European Network of Heads of Schools of Architecture (ENHSA) III: Restructuring the European Higher Architectural Education Area”, (Application Ref. number 142827-LLP-1-2008-1-GR-ERASMUS-ENW). The formulation of ARCHI-MUNDUS programme is also nourished by the experience most partners of this project had in the framework of the Tuning America Latina Program financed by Alfa Program. It is also influenced by the development of the program “Tuning Sectorial Framework: Sectorial Qualifications Framework for the Humanities and the Arts in which partners of this proposal are actually working.

There are two main target groups to which this project is addressed. The first is the heads of schools and all the persons involved in the strategic planning of the development of the school and more specifically of the development schools’ curricula. What we want is to offer to these persons the necessary information and proposals related to the development of a contemporary quality strategy which will help their schools to develop a sustainable and respectful quality culture. We are expecting that in the project will be directly involved in total about 30 Heads of Schools and programme coordinators in Europe and America a number that will be multiplied by the dissemination process to be implemented by the Associations participating in as partners in the project. 

The second group are the teachers in schools of architecture and more specifically those who teach architectural design, theory and construction in schools of architecture as these are the fundamental for the architectural education subject areas. The project will provide them with ideas about teaching and pedagogic approaches concentrated on the development of competences with high quality academic and creative performances. We expect that a number of about 70 teachers teaching subject areas in Europe and America related to the issues developed by this project will have a direct involvement in the project. The dissemination process will have a radical development of these numbers.  

On top of these main target groups, the project is addressed also to governance of architectural education in national level as the issues of the quality and the quality assurance do not concern only the academic world but also the society and its administration mechanisms.